How To Wand Curl On Straight Human Hair Wig?

How To Wand Curl On Straight Human Hair Wig?

Thnings you will need:

A Wand Curl

VIPbeauty Straight Human Hair Wig

Hair Spray

Hair Comb

How To Wand Curl On Straight Human Hair Wig?

1.Wash your human wig hair make it fresh.And dry it completely.

2.Use Hair Comb to brush throughout your hair .

3.Pre warm your wand curl and make your hair heat setting.

Curling wands always provide lots of different settings, usually ranging from high to low. For most of the part, We suggest you start with the lowest heat setting as possible,because in this way this can  provide  your human hair the least amount of heat damage. If you find your hair is not curling at the lowest setting, increase the heat gradually as you curl.

4.Apply any type of heat protection  to your human  hair wig.Do remeber  using a heat protectant first,it can protect your hair . You can get any heat protectant spray or hair gel at a beauty supply   or even  in a department .

5.Take a piece of hairfrom your ear place ,wrap the hair section to the wand curl and make it stay for about 15 seconds.

6.Leave the wand curl out and use hair spay to spray it.

7.Section other  hair into several hair sections and do the same thing to the other hair section.

Keep curling the hair  section you started with ,repeat the curlg strand by strand until all the hair is  fully curled. Repeat this with each section of hair until you have a full head of bouncy curls.You will definitly gonna love it.

8.Use Hair Spray to help make your big curls hold more long time.

This might help your bouncy  look stay in place all day long. Make sure that the hair spray you use is a nice hairspray.



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