How to Wash A Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig Properly?

How to Wash A Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig Properly?

How to Wash A Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig Properly?Want your lace human  wig last long time?Here is the article you always want!

Things you will need:

One:Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Two:Wide-tooth Detangle Comb

Three:Shampoo & treatment

four :Wig head and wig holder


The First Step:

Use Wide-tooth Detangle Com to Detangle your lace wigs,that way  your wigs can be more smooth and less tangle.

The second step:

Add some water inside and out  your Lace Front Wig.It is very important.

The third step:

Add some smooth shampoo to your Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig, also you need put shampoo to the inside of your wigs .Usually  wash  the hair wig for two times is enough.Carefully wash your lace closure if you add   foundation on it.Use your hand to Run your shampoo up to bottom.

The fourth Step:

After two times wash,add hair conditioner on your lace front human wig, and stay about 5-10 minutes or even longer.

The fifth step:

After ten minutes later ,wash out the conditioner and treatment on your lace wig,try not to rinse off all the things off.Leave some moisture left  the hair from conditioner and treatment.That way your human lace wig won’t be so much dry.Rinsing your human wig downward direction so it won’t get tangled.Take it to the bottom to make sure everything is ok.

The sixth step:

Wring  the water out as much as possible you can gently, use towl to wring it even more .And then Detangle your wig.

(Ps:Rememer Wash your comb before you use it to comb your clean wig. you don’t want to get any oil or gunk on your new clean wig,right?)

Put the human hair wig on your wig holder and  Air Dry it outside after done all the things up.


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