How to Wash your Human Hair Weaves Properly?

How to Wash your Human Hair Weaves Properly?

In order to keep your human hair weaves in good condition and can use it as long ime as possiable,we should learn some hair tips like How to Wash your Human Hair Weaves Properly

Things we use :


Hair Conditioner

Hair Oil

Hair Care solution



Peruvian Straight hair bundles

What you should do:

1.Open the hair package gently and open the straight hair bundles

2.Use mild shampoo to wash the hair weave and remember do not to rub or twish the hair hundle.Stay like 3-5 minutes.

3.Change clean water and clean your hair bundles for several untill the hari bundles no more shampoo there.

4.Rinsing your straight hair weave,and then apple hair conditioner evenly to your hair hundles,wait for 3 or even more minutes.

5.Wash your hair weaves in clean water several times and rinsing it use  the towel you prepared.

6.After air dried the hair bundles ,apply some hair oil to it,this will help your hair look more shiny and healthy.


Here we also took a hair video ,check it if you want:

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