How To Wet Hair Look on Indain Water Wave Wig ?

How To Wet Hair Look on Indain Water Wave Wig ?

Wet hair look always look sexy, you can get summer hairstyle vides with wet hair look .And in my opinion.not only summer ,  it could actually be  a hairstyle that is perfect for all year  long. Here we will show you How To Wet Hair Look on Indain Water Wave Wig ?

Things you need:

Water Spay Bottle

hair gel

Water Wave Lace front Wig

How to :

Step1: Make your hair damp

You do not  have to start with soaking wet hair for wet hair style,to get the right look, you just need to start with damp hair (not wet hair ). And here is the reason : if your hair is super wet, then the hair gel you use in the next step will not stick to the hair , which means you could not carve out your hair  perfectly.

Step 2: Pick a Nice Hair Gel

Choose a non-sticky, high shine hair gel to help hold  hair in the right  place for all day  or even night long.

Step 3: Apply Hair  Gel To Your Roots

Take a generous helping of hair gel and work it through your locks, starting at your roots. Start with a dollop of hair gel, but feel free to add more as you go to really amp up “wet” look. Feel it out to see what you like the best, but keep this in mind: Essentially, the more gel you add, the wetter your water wave hair will look.

Step 4:Use  Hair Spray to keep Everything In Place

As with any hairstyle (including the wet hair style, it will help a lot to use a hair spray at the end of the hair style process . Use hair spray, and spray it all over your frizzy place. That Whether you are going out for a dinner  or dancing   at a club with your  friends, using a hair spray will help keep your wet hair style in place.So in that way,you don’t have to worry about anyhing.

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