How to:Crochet Curly Hair Weaves in 20 Minutes

How to:Crochet Curly Hair Weaves in 20 Minutes

If you don’t dow how to do sew-in,then this hair tutorial is for you to Crochet Curly Hair Weaves in 20 Minutes  with NO SEW IN Weave NO Leave Out .

Things you need:

1.Brazilian Curly hair weaves with  lace closure

2.A needle

3.Crochet hook

3.Some nylon cord

4.A rubber band


How to  Crochet :

1.Sew the rubber band into the closure. 10 nylon cord around the curly hair lace closure

3.Place the closure on your head

4.Use crochet make nylon cord into your natural hair and tight it.

5.Use crochet make nylon cord between your natural hair and the curly hair weaves.Tight the  nylon cord and cut the extra part.

6.And the finally look here;

Check Video  Here:






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