Human Hair VS. Synthetic Hair,How to Choose?

Human Hair VS. Synthetic Hair,How to Choose?

Human Hair VS. Synthetic Hair


Obvious the Human Hair is much more expensive than the Synthetic Hair.Let’s take a wig for example:a middles length Synthetic hair wig may cost 50-100$,but a shoulder length human hair wig may take you 100$ or even more. So if you want to change your hairstyle every week,you can consider Synthetic Hair as your choice.


Human Hair is 100% Unprocessed  human virgin hair,  No shedding, no tangle, last long ,keep natural .

If you ever wear a Synthetic Hair wig,you will find it will not last that long like human hair.

3.Hair Texture:

No matter it is human hair or Synthetic Hair,they both have all various of hair tyles like straight hair,water wave hair,body wave hair,deep curly hair,loose wave hair and other hair texture,you can just choose any hair texture you like.

Human hair can be styled (such as  curled, straightened ) just like your natural hair.

I do not suggest you do the restyle on your Synthetic Hair ,just keep the look it comes.

4.Hair Color:

Human hair always in Natural Black color, black 1B , usually the hair bundles can be dyed and bleached well. and if you try to dye it,it will be nice if you dye red ,dark color.

And the Synthetic Hair has more choices for your hair color ideas,seemed like every hair color is ok.

5.Hair Care:

About Human hair extension Care ,you need much more patience and time to matience.

On another hand,Synthetic wigs are pretty easy to care  for.They only need little Low Maintenance. You can try  all kinds of hari colors and hair styles by purchasing plenties of  synthetic hair wigs. and that will not take you too much money.

6.How to choose:

The advantage of human hair :

1. natural look and soft feel

2.various hair styles  in one hairstyle ,like you can curl straight hair ,and strength wavy hair   and so on

3.A little expensive but long last.

The disadvantages of human hair :

1. Compared to synthetic Hair,Human hair much more expensive.

2.You need much more patience and time to maintain human hair.

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