How long do hair clip extensions last?

How long do hair clip extensions last?

There is more than just buying “REMY” hair and taking good care of it. Hair extensions is an investment, here are a few more factors that will help you get the most for your money.

Hair Extensions “behind the scenes” facts…

1. Almost all hair suppliers will store the hair it until it is ordered. This can be months, and in some cases years, due to poor rotation practices. When most popular, big hair companies buy the extensions, they store the hair again in their warehouse until it is sold. All that said, you may be buying old, dry hair to begin with. This equals a shorter life span. It doesn’t matter if you baby the hair, it will not last long. We VIPbeauty Hair Store have sell old hair, while often be in out of stock.

2. Human hair beings to dry out once it is cut and no longer has access to the natural oils from your scalp.  Your best bet is to buy from a company who sells high grade hair and will custom make your extensions from fresh cut hair, or has limited stock of hair on hand. With limited stock, the company has to constantly buy fresh, new stock. It may be a little more expensive, and you may have to wait for your extensions, but your extensions will last longer with fresh cut hair and that will maximize your extension dollars.

3. It’s always best to get high grade hair, (minimum 6A), and 100% HUMAN Remy hair. If you only wear the hair once in a blue moon, then low grade cheap hair will work just fine.

6. Ask if the hair is silicone treated. Most extensions hair sold today is, and the hair is super soft and silky at first. The story told is that the hair has a silicone “conditioner” on it. False, silicone has a large molecule that does not penetrate the cuticle like an organic conditioner can. It only coats the strands in an attempt to leave it feeling soft. This treatment is a surefire way to know that the cuticle has been damaged or stripped from the hair. Again, after a few washes, the silicone is washed out, the hair will begin to tangle and feel dry.

7. How a factory colors the hair is another big factor. This is explained below in line item #2.

Things YOU can do…(remember this is your investment)

1. Limit exposure to HEAT. Heat styling tools is the worst enemy of all hair and will dry it out. (this includes the hair on your head). Use a heat protector and low heat settings, try to air dry when possible, use rollers to curl wet hair and allow to dry overnight, and condition the hair to add or retain moisture.

2. Use PROFESSIONAL hair color. Do not use “box” colors from the drug store or big box stores. Box dyes/bleaches are designed to work fast, they are very abrasive and will damage your extensions. Many factories use fast acting, abrasive dyes/bleach to get the hair to market fast. Your extensions are already chemically processed, (colored and textured), additional chemical processing could damage and ruin the hair. A QUALITY hair company’s color process takes 5 or more days to color hair. They use a cold water process that gently and slowly lifts the color out of the hair and then they deposit the color back into the hair. This process protects the strands and will maximize the life of your extensions. This process will also allow you to recolor the hair. When recoloring, you may have to adjust the developer number to deposit new color on the hair. If going to a darker shade, often a LOT less time is needed to deposit color. Consult a professional colorist who is knowledgeable in chemically processed extension hair before coloring.

3. Use salon quality shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Try to stay away from products that have sulfate or more than one alcohol product in the ingredients. Condition the hair after washing, but do NOT over wash the hair. When you wash you loose moisture. Wash your extensions about every 10 to 20 wears, unless you sweat a lot or use a ton of styling products. Use a detangler, most have a conditioner added. Moisture is everything, even to your natural hair.

4. Use a wide tooth comb or wet/dry flexible toothed brush. Always brush from the bottom to detangle, and work your way up the extension weft.

5. Trim the ends. Human hair will eventually dry out on the ends, and you will get split ends after time, just like your natural hair. A trim can restore your hair back to it’s soft feel again.

6. One last thing to consider. If you continually change your “look”, going from straight to curly/wavy hair and back again, consider buying two extension sets. Keep one set straight and one set curly. This way you can minimize heat styling when you change from straight styles to curly styles. This will not only cut down on your prep time, but your extensions will last a LOT longer when you use less heat to style them.

Sorry so long, as you can see I am very passionate at what I do! I hope this basic info will help some of you. Visit us at VIPbeauty Hair Store, with ptomotions now!!!

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