Should I Use Natural Oils On Human Hair Wigs?

Should I Use Natural Oils On Human Hair Wigs?

Should I Use Natural Oils On Human Hair Wigs?If someone asked me this question I would like to say  In my opinion, if you can make sure that the oil is not including any chemicals that will damage the human hair wig,then Of course you can use the natural oil on your human hair wigs.I advise you to get some special hair care products for human hair wig.

I do think your hair (regardless of the hair texture) still has to be dealt with such as natural growth hair although it’s for a human hair wig.

Therefore the answer to the question will be yes, you should utilize natural oils on your human hair wig.

In my opinion ,almost all human hair wigs need exactly the same 3 items that all natural growth human hair needs:

1,dampness (with regard to firmness to avoid fragile hair that will breaks)

2,lubrication (intended for keeping the hair smooth, flexible as well as sleek)

3,proteins (to get strengthening as well as fixing hair)

Natural oils that will permeate your hair cuticle to:

1、keep the actual cuticle sleek

2、keep your hair flexible

3、strengthen your hair

4、replace dropped protein from your hair

I actually don’t recommend utilize nutrient oil,just what hair does not require is an oil which stops the hair from taking in moisture from the air or perhaps moisturizers simply because all those types of oils such as mineral essential oil cause hair to get dried out and also continuous dehydration leads to hair damage.

Natural oils which might be great for your human hair lace wigs (or even other sorts of human hair wigs, hair extensions or hair pieces)


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