Simple Hairstyles for Black Girls with Long Straight Hair

Simple Hairstyles for Black Girls with Long Straight Hair

1.Make A side Braid haristyle

Brush your straight hair to the left or right hand side. Braid your hair over your shoulder. Use hairspray and bobby pins to keep it secured.

2.Make A Basic bun hairstyle

Spray your hair with water.Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic.Smooth your hair over the hair band and Secure the bun at the base of your ponytail.

3.Classic High Straight Ponytail

You can Choose between a messy ponytail or a sleek ponytail for you long straight hair. Gather all your hair at the back of your head. Comb your hair to prevent bumps.
Secure with a hair elastic.  Take a thin strand of your hair  and Wrap it around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins. Then you got this Classic super sleek Ponytail!!

4.Ponytail with Braids Hairtsyle

You cn achieve this Ponytail with Braids Hairtsyle ob the basic of the No.3Classic super sleek Ponytail.

5.Braid your straight hair

Part your hair. Divide your straight hair into two parts. Braid the first part and secure with an elastic.Do the same thing to the other section.

6.Make A side Ponytail

Choose between a neat side ponytail or a messy side ponytail.Brush all of your hair to one side.Gather your hair into a ponytail just below and behind your ear. Secure with a hair elastic or rubber band.Use hairspray or hair pins if needed to secure loose strands.

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