How to :Dye  Human Hair Weaves Properly

How to :Dye Human Hair Weaves Properly

After the high-quality Remy hair in the community center, many people choose to dye their hair to make the hair look better, but you should be careful when dyeing hair. Semi-permanent hair dyes containing only 10 volumes of peroxide have little damage to the hair. The permanent color of 40 volumes of peroxide can lighten the hair but cause more damage. The more hair damage is caused by the hair whitening agent, the lighter the hair is and the more damage is done. The color of hair that does not contain ammonia is as destructive as the color of ammonia. All hair colors contain alkalizing agents. Ammonia is used for traditional colors. Most modern colors use monoethanolamine (MEA) and aminomethylpropanol (AMP). In order for us to smell something, the molecules must evaporate and enter our noses. MEA and AMP are much larger than ammonia molecules, so they are not like volatile substances. This means that they keep their colors and we have not noticed this smell. The taste of MEA and AMP may not be harsh, but their function is exactly the same as that of ammonia. All oxidative hair dyes are basic, and if the basifying agent is MEA, AMP or ammonia, it does not matter. What is important is the final pH value of the hair color. Do not think that it has no corrosive odor, so do not think it is safe. Carbon monoxide and natural gas are natural, organic and odorless, but they are also deadly poisons. Remember, Remy hair can make the color better.

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