Spring Hair Color Trends 2018 For Black Women

Spring Hair Color Trends 2018 For Black Women

Want to  know what is the Spring hair color trends 2018 for Black Women?

Want to get Best Hair Color for Straight hair?

What Curly Hair Color for Black women?

Check this Article!!

1.Natural Black Hair Color 

 Peruvian Straight Hair

Really normal and classic hairstyles for black girls.Wash and go.No worry about the tangle problem.Peruvian straight hair ,always simple is the best.

2.Grey and Purple Hair Color

3.Red Hair Color on Straight Hair

4.Light Blue Hair Color  

OMG.This Hair color really kills me. Would you like t ogo to the beach with me?

5.Pink Hair Color  

 Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Pink pink pink.Why people always say pink color for girls and Blue hair for Boys?Girls can take charge of all the two colors.

6.Rainbow Hair Color  

Lovely and enegetic Brazilian body wave hairstyles .It will be much more cute if you make two buns up there.

7.Grass Green Hair Color 

Spring is coming and the summer is right over there.This grassy hair on  Peruvian straight hair  feels so active and fresh .How do you think about this hair color?

8.Blue and Pink Hair Color on Curly Hair

If you don’t want to give your Natural Curly hair any damage ,you can try to use curly hair weaves .There are Brazlian Curly hair ,Peruvian Curly hair ,Indian curly hair and Malaysian Curly hair weaves from VIPbeautyhair Co.You can dye different hair colour and don;t need to to worry about natural hair damage.

9.Light Purple Hair Color  

Light Purple Hair Color  give people sweety and romantic feel.Fits the girls who love to give other peopple thoses feelings.

10.Unicorn Hair Color  

Girls love unicorn and rainbow color must   love colorful things.They are awalys dreaming and love life.

Comment down to let mw know which hair color would you choose for your Spring Look?


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