The knowledge you should know about wigs

The knowledge you should know about wigs

As a fashion chaser,I know much about the fashion hair,especially the wigs,and I like to try all kinds of wigs.If you also are a fashion chaser like me,you may know about wigs. And we all know the most popular three types of wigs are lace front wigs,360 lace wigs and full lace wigs.Today we’d like to share more about the wigs to you all.

About the price for three types of wigs,lace front wigs maybe the cheapest wigs among the three due to its cost and process.360 lace wigs belongs to the middle one.the full lace wigs are the most expensive one due to its cost and process.

Lace front wigs are made of a lace frontal closure and hair bundles, and they are sewn together into a wig cap. 360 lace wigs are made of a 360 lace closure with hair weft.full lace wigs are totally hand-making wigs, and the hair need to hooked into the lace by one piece and one piece, so a full lace wigs usually take about 10-15 working days to make,therefore its cost is much more expensive than other wigs.

About the use of the wigs,you can easily wear and manage it.It won’t take you too much time. Besides,you can freely restyle your wigs or straighten it. For different occasion, you can do different hair styles according to your like. What’s more, there are also many different texture hair for wigs. Like body wave wigs, curly wigs,straight wigs,loose wave wigs and water wave wigs. If you have full enough of money, you can freely change your wigs according to your needs and like.Changing hair will change your mood, and a happy mood will make everything go smoothly. So it is very necessary to own a new wigs and a pretty hair.

Since the wigs are divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs,you can select the best one for yourself according to your needs. Generally speaking, human hair wigs can give you a natural hair looking,and you can wear it in any place and occasion. Synthetic hair are not as real as real human hair wigs,because its color usually is too bright and shine,what’s more,synthetic hair can be dyed and bleached, and you also can’t restyle it. So the real human hair wigs are the more popular than synthetic wigs.

Wow,I just didn’t realize that I have wrote so much about the wigs.Well, after you reading this article,you will know more about the wigs. And sincerely hope this article can help you in your life.

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