What is remy hair ?

What is remy hair ?

Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew from root to tip. Because of this it is easy for you to comb especially after washing. This minimises the tangling commonly found in non-Remy hair.

Non-remy hair is collected from the floor of temples and hair salons. Cuticle directions become mixed, causing tangling and matting. To disguise this the hair will go through an acid bath to completely strip the cuticle, similar to relaxing your hair about a dozen times. The hair is then dipped in silicone to make it shine and to cover up any cuticles that were not removed in the acid bath. The silicone adds weight to the hair and ups the selling price as hair is sold by weight.

The hair initially feel silky and soft, however, after a few washes the silicone wears off and the hair feels very brittle and starts matting and tangling. This happens after a few washes and the hair cannot be reused. Also, since the cuticles are stripped and not intact, the hair extensions are unable to tolerate color treatment or heat.

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