What is water wave human hair?

What is water wave human hair?

As we all know,there are many different kinds of hair textures on human hair,such as body wave,straight,deep wave, deep curly,kinky curly, loose wave,water wave, wet and wavy,yaki straight,and so on… But there are few persons know about the water wave hair,and they also are confused about the hair texture on water wave human hair. Besides,they usually will ask what ‘s water wave hair? How does it look like? Is water wave hair fit me well?
Now we are here to let you know more deeply about the water wave hair texture.
1. About the curl pattern. The water wave hair is very close to curly hair,but it is a bit looser on the curls.Since they look almost the same, so many people call water wave hair as curly hair. The difference is that the direction of the curl pattern on the curly hair is in the same direction,but on water wave hair, the direction of the curl pattern is opposite. What’s more, the curl size of water wave hair is a little bigger than the curly hair’s.

2. About the character. Water wave hair is very easy to maintain. When you wet the hair, it almost turns to be straight,but when it get air dry, its curl pattern will get back.So many people call it as wet and wavy hair,Which is confused by many peoples.

3. About its use. The water wave hair can be used in any occasion and in any time. Such as you can ware it in a party, for a wedding, go to school, go out for a trip, get together with your families,or attend a meeting. As long as you like, you can ware it. Besides, you can ware the hair in many different hair styles.

4. About the hair length. It has the same length with other texture hair. It varies from 8 inch to 28 inch, and you can select any one hair length based on your needs and requirements.

Well after reading this post,you may know more about the water wave hair. You can make your idea on choosing which hair to ware,and which hair length to select. If you still have any other question, you can freely leave your comment down bellow, and after we see it, we will answer it.

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