What types of human hair are used to make wigs?

What types of human hair are used to make wigs?

Many people know wigs are made of real human hair,but most of them don’t know where are these human hair from.As a hair vendor,we can clearly tell you that many wigs are made with hair that is collected from the China, India and European countries. China is a good supplier of human hair and mostly used for making wig as well as European human hair, and Indian human hair mostly used as the main hair materials for the most wig manufacturers.

Today I’d like to introduce the human hair according to the cuticle.

Total three types:

Intact Cuticle human hair; Remy hair; Non-Remy hair

1. Non-Remy hair:

This is a collection of dead hair. All this hair is falling down as natural.So they are unhealthy without the natural shining color and long lifespan. But they are cheap. According to the development of hair market, this kind of hair is almost halt production now.

2. Remy hair:

This is a collection of cut hair like Indian hair. Manufacturers collect this hair and correct the cuticle direction by machine. In order to avoid tangling problem, this hair needs to have acid-bath. This is an important step to clear, disinfect the hair and wipe off some of cuticle. Acid-bath will hurt the lifespan but this hair is so soft with natural shining.

3. Intact cuticle hair:

This is the best hair in the market. All the hair is cut as a ponytail from one donor. And the hair will be classify according to their quality. Same class hair will be produced together. They don’t need the acid-bath during the production process. They can be curled, dyed with a long lifespan. But they are expensive.

According to the cuticle,we can clearly know which hair is good,which hair is not good.By the way,some people like to distinguish the hair based on the location,and It is also a good classification method.

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