What’s the difference between remy hair and unremy hair?

What’s the difference between remy hair and unremy hair?

To people who like hair, it is very necessary to know some knowledge about hair, which will help you choose a better but cheaper product. Now there are unremy hair, Remy hair and virgin hair in the market, and we have been introduced the virgin hair in our previous article. So what is the difference between Remy hair and unremy hair? In fact, we can see them from these aspects:

1.Hair color.
Remy hair is natural black color,but unremy hair is usually 1b color or jet black color. Because unremy hair are almost dyed in advance,

2. Hair texture.
Remy hair is more soft and smooth.But unremy hair is a little harder than remy hair.

3.Hair quality.
Remy hair is more easier to take color than unremy hair, and it can be restyled well.besides, remy hair will have less issues when do restyle.

4. Hair price.
Remy Hair is usually more expensive than unremy hair.

5.The integrity of cuticle
The integrity of Remy hair cuticle is greater than unremy hair, and its cuticle is toward the same direction. For Remy hair, its hair’s roots and tip are divided clearly. Instead of unremy hair’s, the hair was assembled from several donors’ hair, so its cuticle is not intact. In addition, because of the difference of integrity of cuticle, it is very obvious that the luster of unremy hair is not as good as that of remy hair. .

Unremy hair is processed,and it is completely different from Remy hair, so its lifetime is much shorter than that of remy hair. Even it may be burned, stained or other treated on the donor’s head. And for unremy hair, since its hair is not from one donor, the quality of a bunch of hair is very jagged. Therefore, unremy hair can not stand too many shapes, otherwise it will lose the hair’s luster and become frizzy. However, Remy hair didn’t experience any treatment, so it can be completely reshaped when you purchase.

If you are lucky and have the chance to read this article,you will know the difference between the remy hair and unremy hair.In your future’s shopping of hair, you will be more smart to make your decision. Hope this article can help you.

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