Which hair cut is suit for thin straight hair?

As a young girl,I’m really having a headache with my thin straight hair,because my thin straight hair can’t give me a full hair look,and I can’t a full curly hair styles,because the volume is not full enough. Even when I make a curl pattern with my thin straight hair, it won’t hold the curl pattern for a long time, and it is very easy to fall down. So I’m really having a headache with my thin straight hair.

Well, if you also have a thin straight hair with me,I’m sure that you will have the same problem with me. And it also will be a big difficulty to do different beautiful hair styles on your head.Due to the less volume of the hair, it really can’t give you a big full hair style. Do you have any good method to deal with your thin straight hair?

Well,please don’t worry. Even though that, you still can take few hair styles with your thin straight hair. Such as short straight bob hairstyle,short curly bob hairstyle, and short loose wave curl bob hairstyles. These short bob hairstyles are very easy to do and manage, besides you will also have less issues with your short hairstyles.

If you have a thin straight hair,I think a short bob hair style is a good option.Here are some pictures of the three short bob hairstyles. And you all can make a reference.
1. Short straight bob hairstyle. When you do this style, direct cut your straight hair into the short length,then you will get the short straight bob hairstyles.

2. Short curly bob hairstyle. You need to cut your straight hair to short length at first, then use the slim curling rods to make the tight curl pattern.

3.Short loose wave curl bob hairstyle. This style, you need to use a little thick flexi rods to make the looser wave pattern.

For the second and third short bob hair styles, if you want to make the curl pattern hold for a long time, you can spray some curl activator and curling gel water on the hair, then it will hold for a long time.
Well, after reading this post, have you got the tips? if you like any one hairstyle, you can just have a try by yourself. Hope my advice can help you.

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