Which hair do you think is better between hair weaves and wigs?

Which hair do you think is better between hair weaves and wigs?

As we all know both hair weaves and hair wigs are very popular by most of the girls and ladies. In fact, there are many different opinions on whether wigs are the best or hair weaves are more better. I believe everyone has their own opinions, and I don’t want to influence on your decision because of my words. However, I would love to tell you some of the pros and cons of both, and you can make a reference.

The advantages of wigs:

(1)It’s more convenient and easy to install. You can buy a wig specific-glue at home, and then easily do it by yourself. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take more time or effort to figure out how to put it on.
(2)It’s more cost-effective. The price of the wigs are usually cheaper than the bundles at the same quality and same grade.
(3)Protect your original hair. Due to you don’t need to sew in the wigs into your head with your own hair,and you can directly wear it freely,so you can avoid many damages on your own hair and scalp.

Weakness of the wig:

(1)Unnatural. others can easily know that you are wearing a wig. Sometimes, baby hair are not looking very unnatural, you may need to struggle to deal with it to make it look better. This may also be related to the quality of the wig you buy. If it is not a full lace wig, it will even cause unnatural effect.
(2) The volume of the hair. The volume of the wig is usually not that full as the bundles.Because the volume of the wig is usually equal to the volume of two bundles or two and half bundles.So it will not look like that full as you expected.

The advantages of hair weaves:

(1)Natural. it can be completely integrated with your own hair. it not only won’t leave any trace , but also will not cover your hair. Your original hair will get a better air permeability with it.

(2)More choices. Relatively, it’s very cheap, and you can buy many bundles to make up for your drawbacks of hair, and relatively cheap.

Drawbacks of hair weaves:

Whether it is braided or sewn on your hair, it will put tremendous pressure on your hair, which may cause some problems for your hair.

So which one hair is better is depends on your needs and requirements,You can select any one type of hair to achieve your final looking hairstyle. By the way, please attention,all the hair weaves and wigs need to be 100 % real human hair. Hope you can find the best matching hair to you.

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