Which hair is better between curly hair and straight hair?

Which hair is better between curly hair and straight hair?

In the modern fashion days,more and more people are chasing for the fashionest life styles,especially the hair styles. As we all know, there are many different kinds of hair type and texture hair in our life. The most common types are body wave hair, straight hair, water wave hair, curly hair,loose wave hair, deep wave hair. However they can belongs to two big hair type: curly hair and straight hair.

Well, which hair is better? Which type of the hair should we choose?

Generally speaking,both curly hair and straight hair are good for you, because both of them have their own characters and features. Here are some tips on both hair type for your reference:

1. On the outward. When you wearing a curly hair, it seams that you look more pretty and cute than before. However,when you wearing a straight hair, you will look more of youth and intellectuality.

2. On the using occasion. A curly hair is usually used in a party, in a journey,or any other Informal or non-serious occasion. But for straight hair,it is usually used in a meeting, an interview,or a formal occasion,because straight hair give one’s a feeling of natural and generous.

3. On the maintain. Curly is is more complicated on caring and maintain. Because its curl pattern results in that it is more easier to have issues. If you don’t know how to care it correctly, it will have a lot of issues. However,for straight hair, it will be more easier to maintain, and have less issues. Most of users can easily care and maintain the straight hair.

So which hair is better is depends on your needs and requirements, and no one can give you a exact correct answer or decision. Hope this post can help you know more about the different types of hair. Please select the correct one that you really need for the certain occasion.

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