Which is better between wigs and hair bundles?

Which is better between wigs and hair bundles?

Well,We can’t give you an absolute answer on which is better between the wigs and hair bundles. Before we get into this topic, we’d like to say that it is all a matter of personal’s preference and conditions. Wigs and hair extensions are similar, but they both serve different purposes,and both of them have their own advantages and drawbacks. One buyer need to learn the difference between the two items so that she can determine which one best suits her or his needs.

About the wigs. Its biggest advantage is the wigs are more easier to wear and easy to maintain. If you are a lazy girl, one wig will be a good choice to you.Because you don’t need to spend time to process it or style it, and you can directly wear it in any place and occasion. Its disadvantage is the density and volume are not that much and full. Though there are many different density of wigs, like 130% density, 180% density, 200% density and 250% density. If you are looking for a big full hair,wigs will not be a good choice for you.

About the hair bundles. Its advantage is you can freely use the hair bundles and sew in combined with your own hair, what’s more, you can use 3 or 4 hair bundles with a lace frontal or lace closure to make a very full hair look. You can directly sew in the hair combined with your braids, or make the hair into a wig, and it usually depends on your need and condition. Its disadvantages is that it will take you some time to process and manage the hair extensions. For example, if you want a certain hair style or look, you need to manage or cut the hair bundles according to your needs. If you are good at manage hair extension, then it will be a good choice.

So which is better is depends on your needs. Hope you can enjoy any one type the hair.

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