Why do black women wear weaves and wigs?

Why do black women wear weaves and wigs?

As a hair vendor, we know most of our customers are from black women or african-american women.Well, many of our friends ask us why do they like to wear human hair weaves or wigs,for this question, there are many reasons that we can use to explain that.

Firstly, there’s no any Racial discrimination. Secondly,we’d like to say that most black women wear wigs for the same reasons with White women. Which is to change their hairstyles and looking for beautiful looking hairstyles. You’ve got in your head that we hate our hair when many of our wigs and extensions actually match our hair texture.

Besides,there are many other features of black women’s hair that resulted in that they need to wear weaves or wigs.

1. African-American women’s hair are growing slowly. If you want a long hair, they have to wait for a very long time to wait for their hair to grow up to long length. However,If they want to have a long beautiful hair look, they have to wear weaves or wigs.

2. Their hair are more likely to be kinky curly hair. If they want to get a different hair style,or different type of hair, texture,they have to wear weaves or wigs to meet their needs on the beauty area, because their own hair can’t meet that needs.

3. In the modern fashion area, weaves and wigs are not that expensive,especially those weaves and wigs from online store,they are more cheaper.So most of the african american women can afford it ,and they can easily get the weaves and wigs.

To be honest if your hair is kinky like them, even though you are not black women, you will be likely to wear weaves or wigs. Because wearing weaves and wigs do can make us look more beautiful and pretty. So we can totally understand why black women wear weaves and wigs. Besides, we warmly welcome more and more other women which is not black women to try our weaves and wigs. If you try it, you will find a new you.

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