Why does women choose short hair?

Why does women choose short hair?

Hi, dear friens, let’s share some information about hair. Beautiful hair for women usually means long hair, while short hair for women is common too.

For those who do, it’s often because short hair is just more convenient. It’s less effort to wash, or to deal with on a daily basis, it saves money on hair products.

The expectation of women having long hair is a gendered expectation that inconveniences them, and part of being a feminist is a willingness to reject gendered expectations that cause problems.

Some career-minded women choose to look less traditionally feminine because a traditionally feminine-looking woman might be taken less seriously by those around her. I don’t know how true that effect is, but I can see career-minded people choosing more professional-looking hairstyles, and short hair is easier to make professional.

The point is there’s a lot of pragmatic reasons for short hair, and it’s very easy to regard long-hair as a gender-specific inconvenience that they’d rather not have to deal with.

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